Thanks for visiting! I’m sure you are dying to know some random facts about me so, here ya go:

  • I REALLY want a pet otter. Seriously. Could they BE any cuter?
  • Cooking with my husband is one of my favorite date night activities. 
  • If I’m not photographing a wedding, most Saturdays you can find me at the farmer’s market, an antique market, or a local rummage sale.
  • I loved my sculpture classes when I was in art school. If I wasn’t a photographer, I would probably be sculpting wonderful works of art instead. 
  • I get completely sucked into documentaries and reality TV. Me and Netflix are BFFs. 
  • Even though I’m Dutch and have zero rhythm, you can often find me dancing in my kitchen to JT!
  • When I was growing up, Saturdays were my baking day. Now I take pleasure modifying recipes to make them healthy. I secretly want my own baking blog. 
  • I am a giggle pants and got in trouble most often as a child (and, yes, even sometimes as an adult) for laughing when I shouldn’t.
  • I am a passionate tree hugger. Don’t even get me started on paper plates, styrofoam, plastic bags, not recycling, and people throwing away perfectly good stuff. Reduce, reuse, recycle people!
  • I could eat Mexican food every day and be blissfully happy! Ole’!

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