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Happy Anniversary to Us!

A little personal post here… Guess what? My hubby and I celebrated 7 wonderful years of marriage last weekend!

A Birth Story :: Welcome Myles & McKenzie! {Grand Rapids Birth Photographer}

My sister, Alisha Anne, is a power house. She is stronger and tougher than me, by far! She is so tender-hearted that

A Few Spring Beauties :: Grand Rapids Nature Photographer

Every year I’m reminded why I love spring: plants bursting into life, vibrant colors all over where things used

A Walk In The Dog Park :: Grand Rapids Photographer

This weekend I visited my sister in Madison, WI. We have a ritual of walking the dogs in the dog park on mornings when

Pinterest :: It’s Addictive! {Grand Rapids Lifestyle Photographer}

Hi. My name is Rose I am addicted. Addicted to what you ask? Oh, that would Pinterest. It’s crazy fun and

We made a Turkey!! {Grand Rapids Lifestyle Photographer}

My husband and I have been getting turkeys for the last few years from his employer. We always give them to family

This Morning at My House :: Personal {Grand Rapids Photographer}

Yes, that was me this morning, outside in my pajamas and winter coat, taking pictures of the sparkly frost on the

Stuff Rose Loves :: Week #3

So you can see, this week I am sharing my love of the lake. Here in Michigan, there are a multitude of lakes and my

Stuff Rose Loves :: Week #2

I am a self-confessed tree-huggin’ hippie wannabe and I LOVE the farmer’s market! I try to go at least once

Stuff Rose Loves – A weekly Segment from Spark Creative Photography

When I get busy with weddings and shoots, sometimes I don’t get my camera out like I used to take pictures of