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Farm Fotos :: September 2015

We stopped by Full Hollow Farm in early September to capture another month of transition for the Spark Creative Photography Farm Fotos series. Mornings on the farm are peaceful and fresh with morning dew clinging wherever it can. The weather was slightly cool and bounty abounded. I can hardly believe that my little documentary farm-to-table food adventure is nearing a close. But, don’t mourn quite yet. This month the fields are still full of lots of mouth watering veggies including corn, tomatoes, beans, tomatillos, kale, onions, garlic, potatoes, lettuce, radishes, squash of all sorts, eggplant, melon, basil, parsley, and the list goes on.

Before you reach the fields of food, you have to walk past this. I love weeping willows and have since I was a little girl. Check out that pretty morning light beaming through the branches.

The subtle transition of color on these tomatoes makes them tiny works of art.

Brad and Jamie planted a huge row of sunflowers. The sight of all of that yellow glory mixed with bees buzzing about absolutely made my heart sing! I didn’t even take any pictures at first; I just stood in the sunflowers that were nearly as tall as me and breathed in the last bits of summer telling myself remember…remember this moment…remember this when the snow is whipping about and the winds howl and just a moment outside hurts my skin…remember this existed and will come back again.


The bees have been doing well and Jamie said their first harvest of honey is right around the corner. Thank you bees!

The last of the seedlings that will be planted in the ground.

Shallots drying and almost ready for market and for CSA shares. We already ate ours. Yum!

Enjoy the last moments of summer, Farm Foodies! Just think, we have six more weeks of farm fresh goodies coming our way!

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